Another Popular Politician Defects From PDP To APC

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Our source has hinted that another Another Popular Politician has defected from APC To PDP today.

The politician named Ibrahim Bio, was a colossal figure in the Kwara State All Progressives Congress branch, and once served as a minister under the administration of Late President Musa Yara’dua, and also a speaker of the Kwara state house of assembly.

We were briefed by witnesses that another popular politician defected from APC To PDP after honorable Isa was seen at Gwasora Ward with the members of the People Democratic Party at Gure situated in Baruten Local Government, Kwara State.

He was seen among his supporters, who welcomed and hailed him for making such a brave decision in a time like this.

Honorable Isa also gave his first speech where he stated that the People Democratic Party in Kwara state was a resting place for him, he also stated his intentions that he would work with the party to make sure that the upcoming gubernatorial election will be won by the party, he also advised that all people interested in the progress of Kwara state should endeavor to join the moving train.

Honorable Tunde Asaolu, the People Democratic Party, Publicity Secretary Head of Kwara Branch released a statement where he commended, welcomed, and congratulated the ex-minister for taking such a brave step.

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