2023 Election: Saraki Responds To Alleged Defection Claims From PDP

Former Senate President, and Governor of Kwara State, Olubukola Saraki has responded to claims of his defection From PDP to APC.

Recall that, in the year 2019, Saraki defected from the All Progressive Congress Party to the People Democratic Party to secure the presidential ticket, but was unable to win the PDP primary election.

Preparation for the 2023 presidential election has started in earnest, and interested politicians have started making moves.

There have been speculations that the former Kwara State Governor may defeat APC to contest for that presidential election, but earlier today, Saraki has responded to claims of his defection From PDP to APC.

Where stated that lots of rumors and questions have been circulating online regarding my plan for the upcoming 2023 election, well I have no plan or intention to cross over to the All Progressives Congress party, even if I can’t secure the Peoples Democratic Party’s presidential ticket, I once ran for the presidential ticket, and I couldn’t lay my hands on it, and I sacrificed myself for the party.

“In every party, personal ambition should not be the priority but sacrifice for the party and country, Nigeria must be great again, jobs must be created for our unemployed youths, and I am proudly standing on my saying that I won’t defect.”


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