Why It May Be Senseless To Enact Anti-Open Grazing Law – Obaseki

Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State, has started why it may be senseless to enact the Anti-Open grazing law in Edo State.

Obaswki stated this yesterday at Benin, the capital of Edo during a public debate and hearing anchored by Edo state government.

Recall that, the issue of Anti-Grazing law has been brewing up tension amongst different ethnics in Nigeria, the suggestion was made by the Southern Governors Forum of Nigeria, on July 5, 2021, to curb the excesses of the Fulani Herdsman, who had always engaged in daylight grazing, killing and beating farmers to feed their cattle.

While this law seemed very pleasant, but the likes of Miyetti Allah, and some other not be figures in the North were quick to counter the law, stating that it was infrigement on the rights of the Fulani’s.

Obaseki, while questioned why he has not signed and forward the Bill to the House of Assembly was because it may be senseless to enact the Anti-Open grazing law because it is always easy to sign law is always easy, but can we enforce it?

The only way we can enforce this law, is when all the affected states come together and agree, so we won’t have a divided house.
We won’t politics with this issue, we have to deal with maximum honesty, because it concerns the security of our State.


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