Why I Have Never Prostrated Before Oyedepo – Pastor David Ibiyeomie

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Pastor David Ibiyeomie, the founder of Port Harcourt’s Salvation Ministries, has vowed to kill anyone who criticizes Bishop David Oyedepo.

Day 2 of the Salvation Ministries Home of Success/Glory Reign Evening Session in Port Harcourt featured Ibiyeomie.

He claimed he had never prostrated before Oyedepo, but that he admired and respected him and that he did not want to hear anyone criticize him.

“If I tell you this, you will be shocked. I have never prostrated before Oyedepo. I am not from the west to lie down, but my heart loves him. I don’t need to lay down for him to know that I am loyal.

“But my level of loyalty is too high. You talk about him harshly where I am, I will kill you. He may not talk, but me. You can’t insult my father,” Ibiyeomie said in his transcribed message by Church Gist, a popular Christian page on Facebook.

He added: “Can they insult your biological father before you? Spiritual father is stronger than a biological father. You say your father does not talk. If they accuse your father of being a thief, will you keep quiet?

“That is the day I will bend your mouth upside down; this thing love is not theory. Matthew 22, it is not the one you say baby I love you; all those ones are useless things. I am not talking about all that baby love, baby love is lust.”

Ibiyeomie also warned Nigerians to stop running away from their country to others without God’s direction, saying such people would only end up suffering over there.

“Listen, stop running from your country to another country if you know what to do. Just carry the fullness of God, anywhere you are things will work. Were we in America before we were given property? Fullness of God, I wish people know what they want, they will not be in want.

“It is not running to a nation that makes you, you just carry the fullness of God, you will sit in the poorest country and be rich. Anywhere you are, things will work. You don’t need to run to another nation to be useful. I am running from Africa to USA, to do what? Except God sent you there. If he didn’t send you there and you sent yourself, you will be a gatekeeper. That will not be your portion,” he added.

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