“When You Think You’ve Seen Enough, The Worse Will Come?” – Joe Igbokwe

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Joe Igbokwe, Governor Sanwo-Special Olu’s Adviser on Drainage and Water Resources, took to his official Facebook page a few minutes ago to comment to a video of a Catholic Priest identified as Reverend Father Magnus Ebere saying “When You Think You’ve Seen Enough, The Worse Will Come?”

According to the preacher, the viral video of Catholic priests in Lagos State standing on the altar and banned Igbos music from his parish has made him concerned. He further remarked that he cannot believe there is still division in the church, citing the priest’s claim that this is how the Igbos took over the diocese of Benin and installed a Rev father from the East.

Furthermore, he stated that the preacher went so far as to suggest that if they continue to allow them (Igbos) to overshadow everywhere, as he maintains that the priest deserves the suspension he was given because his comments was too obscene. In conclusion, he asserts that the Igbo people are who they are, and that they were created to rule, claiming that this is why the northern people do not want them to split away from the country because Nigeria would become like Ivory Coast, Somalia, and dry land if they did.

The senior stateman, who appears astonished by the priest’s statement, observed that just when people think they’ve seen it all, the worst appears. He, on the other hand, remarked that the Igbo people are always taken for granted; yet, what this man of God is saying is unrelated to them, as he asserts that it is a selfish attitude of superiority.

Furthermore, he stated that looking down on others and rewarding mediocrity are not part of their culture, and that all tribes have heroes. Since a result, taking what he says at face value will be to your detriment, as he finally declares that this preaching makes no logic and gives no respect to them.

View the video link below for full details


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