What Will Happen If PDP Chooses A Northern Candidate – Deji Adeyanju Revealed

Deji Adeyanju, a well-known political activist, has turned to his official Facebook page to warn that if caution is not taken, the People’s Democratic Party may win the upcoming presidential election in 2023. Political parties in Nigeria have been assessing their choices since the passing of the electoral bill, which included direct and indirect primaries, to bring forth the best candidate who can stand at odds with Nigerians’ votes in the 2023 general elections.

Without a doubt, you would agree with me that the APC and PDP are the only political parties capable of withstanding the actual test of time, despite the fact that there are other political parties in the country due to Nigeria’s multi-party system. On the other hand, Adeyanju believes that the People’s Democratic Party’s choice to allow party members to run for president without zoning the ticket to the south demonstrates that they want to be in power in 2023.

He further stated that if the APC chooses a southern candidate and the PDP chooses a northern candidate, the PDP will win.


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