“Una Double Standards Choke” – Odumodublvck Defends Pastor Adeboye After He Was Dragged For Saying He Had Tea With God

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Pastor Enoch Adeboye face criticism for claiming to have had tea with God, rapper Odumodublvck has come to the clergyman’s defense, labeling the backlash as disrespectful and accusing Nigerian youths of double standards…

Popular Nigerian rapper, Odumodublvck, has taken a stand in defense of Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, following a resurfaced video from 2019 where Adeboye claimed to have shared tea with God during breakfast.

The video reignited controversy and led to widespread criticism, with many accused the clergyman of fabricating stories.

In a bold statement, Odumodublvck condemned Nigerian youths for their backlash against Pastor Adeboye. He stated that disrespecting elders, especially considering Adeboye’s age and grey hair, is unwarranted.

The rapper pointed out the apparent double standards, comparing the treatment of Adeboye to that of Muslim clerics and urging for more respect in religious discussions.

In his words;

“Pastor adeboye never insulted no one on this app. You do not see Muslims come out to insult their clerics. Then later we complain that our religion is being stepped on.

Even based on age wise. Una no fit follow una papa talk the way una dey follow adeboye talk. And e senior una papa and una mama. Thats why I never rated you nig*as on this app. Una double standards choke. – industry machine.”

However, Odumodublvck’s defense did not go unnoticed, and social media users were quick to react. Some accused him of being influenced or paid by Adeboye, questioning his blind allegiance….

See reactions below;

Big_graceee said: “Adeboye don pay this one for Pr 🤣🤣.”

ophicialrex noted: “Focus on music. Leave religious activist.”

alfredmarshh penned: “Leave this matter for now. There is a mistery behind all this Religious stuff. Focus on your next album more. We love you.”

EmperorKaash wrote: “Make the man stop to dey talk wetin no happen. Make he also stop dey give people fake hope all in the name of preaching the gospel. He was a major supporter of the protest against GEJ. GEJ was voted out and Nigeria became worse, why isn’t he protesting now ? The man is a bigot!”

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