To End US, Russia And Ukraine Crisis, Imam Of Peace Tells Putin And Biden What To Do

The Imam of peace, a well-known Muslim cleric, joked about how he thinks the Russian, Ukrainian, and American crises will be resolved. In a recent tweet, the imam advised that both American President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin convert to Islam in order to fix the problem.

The Imam was reacting to American President Joe Biden’s announcement that he would sign an executive order prohibiting Russia from benefitting from its violations of international law.

Check out his post below

Keep in mind that Russia has tens of thousands of troops stationed on the Ukrainian border. They appear to be preparing for a military invasion of Ukraine if the US and NATO do not meet their demands. As a result, US President Joe Biden imposed sanctions on Russia.

The Imam feels that while this will not totally cure the problem, it will be solved if they convert to Islam.

Even if the Imam was joking, the truth is that religion does not always fix difficulties like these.


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