“They Can’t Even Visit Their Village” – Ekpa Taunts Lagos-Based Igbos

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Simon Ekpa, who claims to be the leader of a faction of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), has responded to criticism from Nigerians asking him to come to Nigeria and address issues in the country.

Ekpa, who was recently arrested and questioned by the Finnish police over allegations of planning a ‘sit at home’ during the 2023 elections, has been living in Finland.

In a message directed at Igbos living in Lagos, Ekpa criticized Igbos living in Lagos who challenged him to come to Nigeria, saying that they were confused. He argued that he was more connected to his roots than those living in Lagos who could not even visit their villages.

He said: “Staying in Lagos as a Biafran and challenging me to come home is the definition of confusion. I am more at home than you. You that is in Lagos can’t even visit your village.”

Ekpa has been a vocal advocate for the secession of Biafra from Nigeria, citing marginalization and oppression of the Igbo people.

Meanwhile, the Finnish police have disclosed the reason for the recent arrest and release of Simon Ekpa.

According to a statement from the Finnish embassy in Nigeria, Ekpa was arrested as part of an investigation by Finland’s National Bureau of Investigation into a suspected money collection offense.

The statement reads, “The National Bureau of Investigation has started a criminal investigation into a suspected money collection offence committed by a man living in Lahti. The suspect was apprehended in Lahti yesterday on 23 February.”

However, Ekpa’s activities have drawn mixed reactions from Nigerians, with some supporting his cause and others questioning his methods and motives. The Nigerian government has designated IPOB as a terrorist organization and has cracked down on its activities, leading to clashes and violence in some parts of the country. The issue of Biafra remains a contentious and polarizing topic in Nigeria, with no clear resolution in sight.

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