The Two Powerful Things Every Christians Are Longing For

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End of the world and the second coming of Jesus Christ: A Christians event in advent season.

Christians all over the world are preparing for the victorious second coming to Jesus Christ.

This is a life time advent season! Christians celebrates the 3 coming of Jesus :

1: His coming in History – to die for our sins.

2: His coming in Mystery- to feed and strengthen us with his body and blood in the holy Eucharist.

3: His coming in victory – to gather his people home into his glory.

World leaders have disappointed us. They have abandoned us like sheep without a shepherd.

But God took the responsibility and sent his only begotten son Jesus to become our good shepherd.

The messiah has already come from the root of David, born of a virgin called Mary, suffered under pontius pilate, died, buried and on the third day; he resurrected from the dead. 

But the modern Christians doesn’t celebrate Christmas – which is about the new born savior, but the Christian’s advent and celebration is about the the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Jesus is not coming to die again on the cross, but this time, he is coming to gather the righteous and the saints into our heavenly Father’s kingdom.

One thing is certain, and that things is that the end of the world is to usher the coming of Jesus the son of God.

Now the question is: “When will this world come to an end?” This is a big question that even Jesus Christ said that he doesn’t know the time or the hour; except God himself.

In the year 2010, many people predicted that the world will end that year, and many Prophets prophesied the same end of the world. As a result of this, people gets confused and many lost their lives and properties due to the fear of the unknown.

Some quit from their jobs, many businesses were lost and many lazy people stopped working because they were busy waiting for the world to end. The case of COVID-19 is still a fresh memory.

No food for a lazy man!

While we wait for the second coming of Jesus which must happen unexpectedly ;we must not stop working, praying and watching.

Jesus does not want Christians to fear any rumors of war, famines, earthquakes, terrorism, or persecution; as we wait upon the day of the Lord which is fast approaching.

The news about the end of the world should be a goodnews to the faithful Christians and not a thing of fear because the end of the world will bring redemption to the faithful.

Don’t be afraid when you see different types of strange signs in the sun, moon and stars. Don’t panic when this world are in distress because what is coming upon the world is far bigger than the universe itself.

A great thing is coming; and that thing will shake the powers of the heavens and earth. And when these things begins to happen to the world, fear not dear reader, just look up and raise your heads in courage, because your redemption is drawing near.

Watch and pray to have the strength to escape or withstand all these terrible things that will take place in the world, and to have the grace to stand before the son of God.

Christians are longing for two most important things:

1: Longing for the presence of God which can only be possible by passing through death and overcoming death like Jesus did.

2: Longing for the great reunion with the angels and saints of God in heaven.

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