‘The Narrative That Igbos Want To Take Over Lagos Started After Obi Defeated BAT In Lagos – W. Oluwo

A close associate of former Lagos Governor Akinwunmi Ambode and a Former Lagos state Commissioner for Energy and Mineral Resources, Wale Oluwo has alleged that it’s unimaginable to say Igbos will take over Lagos if Gbadebo Rhodes Vivour wins the governorship election. He stated that the narrative that the Igbos want to take over Lagos started immediately after Obi defeated Bola Tinubu in Lagos.

He asserted that the Igbos have been living in Lagos for so many years and they have never tried to take over the land. He pointed out the tension in the air over land ownership is a distraction from the major issues affecting Lagosians in the state. He clarified that the Igbos population in Lagos has been overrated and that they have no electoral populace strength to determine who will win an election in the state. 

He said, ”Let’s be realistic, some politicians want to turn this contest into a Yoruba competition with the Igbos. And we and the Igbos have never fought, we have been living together in Lagos for year’s. There has been no tribal war of any sort between us. 

The narrative that the Igbos wants to take over Lagos started after Obi defeated Tinubu in Lagos. And we ask this question, did the Igbos just come into Lagos? Why haven’t they taken over Lagos since all this while? The Igbos in Lagos don’t have that numbers to determine an election in Lagos State. We have the date to prove this. The places where Labour Party won in the last election are Yoruba areas.”


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