Tension As Tinubu Face-Off With Osinbajo Over 2023 Election

According to a source, former Lagos Governor, Tinubu had a face-off with vice-president Osinbajo over the upcoming 2023 presidential election.

Recall that there have been several speculations that the duo of Bola Ahmad and Yemi Osinbajo was in an alleged feud.

There was a fight for who would succeed President Buhari after his right year’s regime under the aegis of the All Progressive Congress; rumors circulated that Tinubu snubbed Osinbajo when they met in London, during his leg surgery.

Our sources have stated that Tinubu had a Face-Off with Osinbajo over the upcoming 2023 Election; after he declared his intention publicly to the president.

Buhari was said to have supported the ambitions of Tinubu and also wished him good luck regarding the election.


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