Since Mad Man Are Not Liable To Law, Force PRO Reveals What To Do If They Attack You With Weapon

The Force Public Relations Officer of the Nigeria Police Force, Muyiwa Adejobi, has counselled Nigerians on the situations in which some people are not liable for prosecution under the law based on the situation they found themselves.

He specifically wrote about people of unsound mind, saying if any of them moves to injure or attack anyone with weapons, the person should run as much as possible because he won’t be liable for such act under the law as far as his state of mind can be determined.

Adejobi disclosed this on his Twitter handle on Sunday while writing on conditions under which someone may not be liable after he or she has engaged in criminal activities.

He also disclosed that among categories that may be exempted from being prosecuted for criminal offences are cases of immaturity (infant–someone below the age of seven), insanity, toxification, bona fide claim of right, mistake of facts, among others.

He however gave much emphasis on the issue of people of unsound mind, saying whatever crimes committed by them cannot make them criminally liable, advising the citizens to always run whenever someone of unsound mind goes berserk and plans to attack with weapons.

Below are screenshots of some of his tweets on the matter:


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