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There had been many speculations and confusion in the minds of Nigerians why the former Lagos state Governor, Bola Tinubu met with the All Progressive Congress, APC, United Kingdom, UK leaders BRANCH.

Recall that. Bola Asiwaju Ahmad Tinubu declared his lifelong ambitiojn for the presidential position few weeks ago. He haas been making the move for the past few years but made it official after visiting the President soliciting his support.

Few days ago, BEST NEWS NETWORK reported that he traveled out of the country for a medical check-up after he was absent at the inauguration of committe who will be in charge of his movement.

Shockingly instead of being in the hospital as speculated he was within his political mates. After much research our sources were able to get why Tinubu met with the APC UK leaders.

He was said to have met with the top executives to solicit for their support and assistance in the upcoming 2023 presidential election.

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