See Why It’s Very Difficult For Other Political Parties To Beat APGA In Anambra State

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The gubernatorial election in Anambra was held on November 5 with 18 candidates contesting for the Governorship position. The final result has been announced, and Soludo under the All Progressive Alliance Party won the election as speculated.

Do you know why other political parties can’t win election in Anambra state since Peter Obi left office? Reasons for these will be discussed below.

  1. Anambra was one of the worst states in Nigeria in terms of governance, with low revenue generation, poverty, and lack of social amenities, was the order of the day. Not until former Governor, Peter Obi, of the All Progressive Grand Alliance Party, APGA, emerged from the Governorship position and restructured the state.

The good deeds and performance of Peter Obi created a stronghold for the party in Anambra state, which he later passed to his successor, Willie Obiano, who also did well in upholding the good name of the political party in Anambra state, but not as expected from Anambrarians. Despite the current governor’s flops, Obi’s good deed in the state still holds the party strongly.

  1. Ever since Anambra state was created in the year 1991, no political party has ever produced a better candidate than the All Progressive Grand Alliance Party.

Taking a look at Chimaroke Mbadinuju, who was the past Governor of the state under the PDP, their administration brought nothing but hardship, non-payment of civil workers, et al before the ascension of Peter Obi under APGA. Except for APGA, this made it too difficult to vote for other parties.

  1. As the adage says, “The ram that went backward does so to bring more power.” Charles Soludo, a former Central Bank of Nigeria Governor who went into politics immediately after his tenure finished at the CBN, has contested under different political parties for the governorship position but has always lost. 

He went back to study the minds of Anambrarians before taking the challenge to contest again under the APGA party which held the heart of the people.

  1. Peter Obi’s wrong choice: One of the factors that aided APGA in winning the election and making other political parties not worthy enough was the wrong choice he made by failing to produce the right man to govern the state. Valentine Ozigbo could have had a good chance of winning the election, but

Anambrarian is afraid of making another mistake like voting for another non-performing governor, like the current governor, Williams Obiano, who was Obi’s candidate and got to the position all thanks to the support he received from him. Unfortunately, he betrayed the trust Obi had in him.

  1. Anambrarians, by nature, dislike godfatherism.

Another prominent reason why Valentine Ozigbo and other PDP candidates may find it difficult to win the Anambra state election is that people are afraid of Peter Obi using Ozigbo or any PDP candidate to build political godfather in the state.

Godfatherism brings nothing but discomfort, corruption, and embezzlement to a state. Anambrarian avoided supporting him because he was Peter Obi’s candidate.

These are the reasons why other political parties can’t win election in anambra State in this present age. Congratulations to Governor elect Charles Soludo.

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