Secondary School Student Goes On Rampage In Edo State

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Secondary school students in the Idogbo community went on a rampage, beating teachers and destroying cars, offices, and teachers’ assets in Edo State.

The incident happened during the past week in Ikpoba Local Government Area of Edo State. The incident became known after a video from the scene was shared online from an anonymous source.

Secondary school students went on a rampage in the video, and all the staff was seen running helter-skelter, running for the safety of their life in Edo State.

Our correspondent looked into the issue and garner that the student was fighting because they had just finished their exams.

The observer, who pleaded anonymity, stated that the incident always happened after the students finished their exams.

The Police officers were always called anytime the student were about to finish their examinations. Still, unfortunately, the police failed to show up early, and the student already wreaked havoc before the security operatives surfaced to calm the situation.

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