Photos From Trailer Accident That Happened In Lagos

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Tragedy struck at Ojodu Berger area of Lagos earlier today after a trailer mistakenly crushed secondary school students to death.

During the mid-hours of today, Omole secondary school students were returning from school within the hours of three to four.

The trailer that was conveying tissue paper due to unknown reasons lost control and later crushed the secondary school students to death.

The driver, after perpetrating the act, fled from the scene but was given a hit chase before he was lunched at Ogba by mobs who, after giving him several beating, handed him over to the police.

Our sources stated that the number of students that lost their lives to the fatal accident was approximately fifteen to twenty.

The angry mobs could not contain their anger; they vandalized the trucks and set the trailer vehicle on fire.

The number of causalities from the incident has not been ascertained yet; more details to be revealed.

Photos from the scene below;

Photo From The Trailer Accident

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