Peter Obi Reacts After Kwankwaso Allegedly Accused Him Of Copying His Manifesto

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Peter Obi, the presidential candidate for the Labour Party, responded to a claim allegedly made by Rabiu Kwankwaso that the former governor of Anambra stole his platform for the 2023 election in an interview with Nigeria Right Now.

According to the interviewer who spoke with Obi in the aforementioned interview, Kwankwaso in particular accused him of “prying into the private of his manifesto.”

Obi responded to the accusation by asserting that he could not have copied anyone’s manifesto because, ever since he announced his intention to run for president, he has repeatedly stated that he would speak with separatist activists.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by Nigeria Right Now, Obi is heard saying, “Everyone who has followed my campaign since I started this trip at the primary stage (sic), I keep repeating I will dialogue with all agitators.” More than any other candidate, I think I have discussed conversing with or debating agitators. I cannot have copied anyone because I have been doing it consistently.

But keep in mind what I always say: I’ve stated that the comparisons we do will include the similarities in our paperwork. Right now, we’re trying to sell Nigerians on the idea that people can be trusted to keep their word.

The delay in the release of Peter Obi’s manifesto, he continued, was because “we wanted to get Nigeria Labour Congress to give us their charter of demands.” He continued by saying that his manifesto is complete and will soon be made public.

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