Oseni Rufai Reveals Why Police Kills Nigerians

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An Arise Television journalist, Oseni Rufai, has stated that he does not subscribe to the school of thought which claims that the poor salaries being paid to Nigerian police officers is the reason why they kill people unjustly.

Rufai made this statement in reaction to the murder of a Nigerian lawyer, Bolanle Raheem, by a Nigerian police officer in Lagos State. In Nigeria, people often say that Nigerian police officers becomes frustrated and kill people because of their poor salaries.

Oseni Rufai argued that Nigerian police officers kills people unjustly in Nigeria because they know that after killing people, nothing serious will be done about the killing.

Oseni Rufai maintained that no matter the amount of money paid to a certain police officer who has the mental pattern of thinking which shows that if you do something there will not be any consequences for your action, such an officer will continue to kill because he knows nothing will happen.

Oseni Rufai explained that the American police are paid around $55,000 a year, but they still kill black people because they know that there is no repercussion for Killing black people in America.

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