Obi May Look Boyish, But He Is A Very Rugged Politician, Let’s Not Make Any Mistake – Dayo Sobowale

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Renowned political analyst, Dayo Sobowale, has suggested that the ongoing internal crisis within the Labour Party might be a ploy by external forces to hinder Peter Obi’s pursuit of a favorable outcome in his court petition challenging the results of the recent presidential election. Sobowale believes that those sponsoring the crisis are aware of Obi’s history of success in election litigation and might be wary of facing him in court.

In an interview on ARISE TV’s ‘News Night,’ Sobowale explained that the crisis within the Labour Party, which began when a rival faction led by Lamidi Apapa sought to take over leadership from National Chairman Julius Abure, could be connected to Obi’s petition in court. Apapa’s faction procured a court injunction to have Abure removed from office, leading to a power tussle within the party.

Sobowale highlighted Obi’s impressive history in election litigation, stating that he was impeached as governor of Anambra but was able to return to office after winning three different court cases. Sobowale described Obi as a “very rugged politician” and urged people not to be fooled by his boyish appearance.

“The elections have come and gone, but the battle has shifted to the courts. Those who are said to be sponsoring this current Labour Party crisis are doing so because they are aware of Obi’s history in court litigation,” Sobowale said. “Obi may look boyish on the outside, but let’s not make any mistake about it, the man is a very rugged politician. The man also has a very rugged history with the judiciary. He was very much underrated until the present election.”

As Obi prepares for his legal battle, the ongoing crisis within the Labour Party could be a cause for concern. Sobowale’s analysis suggests that those behind the crisis might be attempting to hinder Obi’s pursuit of justice, aware of his history of success in court.

SOURCE: YouTube (Forward video to 10:46).

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