Not Health, See Why Tinubu Traveled To London

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The real reason why Presidential Aspirant, Bola Tinubu traveled to London has been revealed today after his arrival.

Recall that the former Lagos State Governor declared his ambition for the presidency in January under the aegis of APC.

He has then met with several influential figures of the All Progressive Congress to ask for their support during the Upcoming 2023 presidential election.

However, Bola Tinubu came under attack a few days ago.

A Popular human rights activist and Sahara Reporter, CEO Omoyele Sowore told Nigerians that he traveled out of the country because of his failing health.

He then advised Nigerians to avoid electing Bola, because of his failing health.

Earlier today, the Former Governor arrived back in Nigeria. The real reason he (Bola Tinubu) traveled to London was revealed today.

The revelation was made via all his social media accounts, that is travel was related to the upcoming 2023 presidential election.

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