Mummy GO Fled For Her Life, Misses Church

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Mummy GO, the founder of Rapture Proclaimer Evangelical Church of God in the Iyana-Ipaja area of Lagos state, has fled after an alleged threat to her life. Her sermons went viral, and she became known as Mummy GO.

On Sunday, Mummy GO, who became an overnight online sensation when footage of her infamous ‘hell fire’ preachings went viral, was not to be spotted in her church.

On Sunday, some Nigerians who visited her church on Adeyefa Street in Iyana-Ipaja said that the preacher was not there during the service.

Some church members were observed standing in groups, speaking in quiet tones as they watched individuals entering for worship, according to Twitter users.

According to the users, there were different inscriptions and directions for members and guests to obey at the church’s door.

Mobile phone use is prohibited, as is the wearing of pants, any type of jewelry, hair extensions for ladies, exposing clothing, and crowns.

Following her inflammatory talks, the controversial preacher claimed that several preachers sent shooters after her.

The cleric told BBC Pidgin that assassins had pursued her vehicle, with some coming to the church to warn her to stop preaching such sermons.

She said “They (other preachers) tell me, many of our members hear your message, and they pull out of our church. If you don’t stop, we will kill you.

“I thought it was just a threat until we started seeing gunmen chase us while driving, coming to our church to threaten us and so on.

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