Moses Inwang: Biography Of A Nollywood Maestro

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Moses Inwang

Moses Inwang, born on January 31, 1978, is a multi-talented Nigerian film director, producer, editor, and screenwriter. His work in Nollywood has made a significant impact, as he addresses important societal issues rarely documented in Nigerian cinema.

Moses Inwang’s Personal Stats

Full NameMoses Inwang
Date of BirthJanuary 31, 1978
Net WorthN/A
State of OriginAkwa Ibom State
OccupationFilm Director, Producer, Editor, Screenwriter

A Shining Career In Nollywood

Moses Inwang’s remarkable journey in the world of cinema began with his outstanding work in the psychological thriller “Torn,” which he directed and produced. This film hit cinemas across Nigeria in 2013 and earned him widespread recognition and numerous award nominations. The success of “Torn” paved the way for a series of impactful films, including “Damage,” “Cold Feet,” “Stalker,” “Last 3 Digits,” “Alter Ego,” “Crazy People,” “American Driver,” “Unroyal,” and “Merry Men 2.”

In 2019, “Merry Men 2,” produced by Ayo Makun (A.Y), became the second-highest-grossing movie in Nigeria, earning a staggering 240 million Naira. With a career spanning over two decades, Moses Inwang, popularly known as “Sneezemankind,” has left an indelible mark on the Nigerian film industry.

A Filmmaker With A Social Conscience

Moses Inwang is not only a prolific filmmaker but also a socially conscious one. His movies tackle critical issues like domestic violence, female circumcision, and cancer awareness. “Damage,” a film addressing domestic violence, received accolades and awards in Florida, USA. “Lost Maiden” brought the controversial issue of female circumcision to the forefront of social discussion.

Personal Life And Early Beginnings

Moses Inwang is the surviving male child in a family of six, having tragically lost his brother at a young age. His passion for filmmaking emerged early, and he embarked on his journey in 1998 when he co-produced “Two Good Men.” In 2004, he founded his production company, Sneeze Films, and initiated it with “Save My Soul.” His dedication to making thought-provoking films has led to multiple award nominations and recognitions.

Awards And Accolades

Moses Inwang’s contribution to Nigerian cinema has not gone unnoticed. His works have received numerous awards and nominations. He was nominated for “Best Director” at the African Oscars for his film “Damage” and won the “Best Film” award at the same event. In 2013, he clinched the “Best Director” award at the City People Entertainment Awards. His film “Torn” received multiple nominations at the GIAMA awards and the Best Of Nollywood Awards. In 2015, “STALKER” received 12 nominations at the GIAMA awards and won awards for Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Film categories.

In 2018, he produced the film “Crazy People,” which became one of the top 10 highest-grossing films of that year. “Cold Feet,” a romantic drama, is another remarkable addition to his filmography.


Here’s a glimpse of some of Moses Inwang’s work:

  • “Unroyal” (2020)
  • “Lockdown” (2021)
  • “Bad Comments” (2021)

Moses Inwang’s dedication to storytelling and addressing societal issues through film has made him a standout figure in Nollywood. His impressive body of work continues to captivate audiences and spark meaningful conversations.

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