“Look At How Brothers Become Enemies Because Of People Doing Their Business” – Odumeje Charges Nigerian Youths To Rise Up

Prophet Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere, popularly known as Odumeje, has charged Nigerian youths to rise up against selfishness and poor leadership, which he said have caused brothers to become enemies. Speaking during a sermon, the controversial cleric lamented that people were suffering because those at the top are enriching themselves.

Odumeje noted that the intimidation of the Igbos during the election was not hidden as there were videos all over the internet. “Somebody will come out and say if you know you are Igbo man, don’t come here. If you cannot vote for this (person), don’t come here. Look at how brothers become enemies because of people doing their business, making us enemies because of their selfishness,” he lamented.

On governance, the church founder warned government officials to stop portraying themselves as leaders because they’ve failed. “No 24 hours light, no good road, no security, you’re calling yourself a leader..stop that rubbish! You’re not a leader, you’re a disappointment. All the people occupying any seat from up to bottom, you’re supposed to be ashamed of yourselves, for calling yourself a leader.”

He also urged the youths of the country not to keep quiet for their rights, reminding them that no one owns the country. “Every youth of this country, never keep quiet for your rights. No one owns this country. Stand up and fight for your rights. We need to take over this country. We need to take over this country. We need to take over this country. It’s our country. We have the right to live in this country. We have the right to do business in this country. We have the right to do anything within the confines of the law in this country.”

Odumeje, who is known for his controversial sermons and unconventional style of preaching, has a large following in Nigeria and beyond. He is also known for his philanthropic works, especially towards the less privileged in society.


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