Joseph Utsev: Biography, Net Worth, Education, Career And More

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Joseph Utsev: Biography, Net Worth, Education, Career And More

Joseph Utsev is a highly accomplished individual who is known for his contributions in academia, politics, philanthropy, entrepreneurship, and administration. He was born in Benue State, Nigeria. Utsev has made significant strides in his career, earning recognition for his expertise in civil engineering, environmental engineering, and water resources. Joseph Utsev is currently serving as the Minister of Water Resources and Sanitation in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Joseph Utsev Biography And Family Background

Joseph Utsev was born into the Utsev Akaa family of Mbaakura, Mbagen in Buruku Local Government Area of Benue State. His exact date of birth is in 1980, making him 43 years old (as of 2023). Raised in a Christian household, Utsev’s family values and faith have shaped his principles and outlook on life.

Education And Academic Achievements

Utsev’s academic journey began at the Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi, where he graduated as the top student in 2004. He obtained a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Civil Engineering, earning a 2nd Class Honours “Upper Division” mark. He further pursued his education at the University of Nigeria Nsukka, where he obtained a master’s degree in environmental engineering and a doctoral degree in water resources. His academic achievements have solidified his reputation as a renowned academician in the field of engineering.

Career Highlights

With over 17 years of teaching and professional experience, Joseph Utsev has made significant contributions to the field of civil engineering. He has published approximately 40 articles in prestigious national and international journals, showcasing his expertise and research contributions. Utsev’s career highlights include serving as a graduate assistant in the Department of Civil Engineering at the Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi and holding positions such as Deputy Director and Full Director in the Centre for Entrepreneurship Development at the same institution.

In 2017, Utsev was appointed as the Honourable Commissioner for the Ministry of Water Resources and Environment in Benue State. During his tenure, he played a pivotal role in the design and construction of various drainage projects, including the Idye Basin Phase II (Police Zone 4 – Mobile Barracks) drainage. His expertise and dedication to service led to his subsequent appointment as the Executive Director Engineering of the Lower Benue River Basin Development Authority Makurdi, where he oversaw the construction of multiple engineering projects.

Philanthropy And Entrepreneurship

Joseph Utsev’s commitment to giving back to society is evident through his philanthropic endeavors. He has been actively involved in initiatives that promote academic excellence, water resources engineering infrastructural development, and effective service delivery. Utsev has received numerous honors and awards for his philanthropic efforts, including the Distinguished Merit Award for Academic Excellence and the Distinguished Merit Award for Water Resources Engineering Infrastructural Development.

Personal Life And Interests

Beyond his professional achievements, Joseph Utsev leads a fulfilling personal life. He enjoys reading, exploring new research horizons, traveling, and playing badminton. Utsev is happily married and has children from a previous union, emphasizing the importance of family in his life.

Joseph Utsev’s Net Worth

Joseph Utsev’s successful career and entrepreneurial ventures have contributed to his financial prosperity. His net worth is estimated to be over N1 billion, reflecting his accomplishments and business acumen.

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