IPOB: “Building Bridges, Not Walls”: VP Shettima Backs Innovative Approach To Southeast Insecurity

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Vice President Kashim Shettima advocates a non-kinetic solution to address insecurity in the Southeast, emphasizing the importance of negotiation and bridge-building. The endorsement comes as part of the Peace In South East Project (PISE-P), a new initiative presented by a delegation led by Deputy Speaker Benjamin Kalu.

During a courtesy visit to the Presidential Villa, the delegation introduced the Peace In South East Project, aimed at proposing non-kinetic solutions to the security crisis in the Southeast. VP Shettima expressed support for the initiative, stating, “Unless we want to engage in an endless war of attrition, a non-kinetic solution to the crisis in the South East must be explored and deployed.”

Highlighting the significance of negotiation and building bridges, Shettima endorsed the concept, saying, “We need to build bridges, there is a need for a handshake, that way, those that have not been radicalized can be captured.”

Deputy Speaker Benjamin Kalu reiterated the call for a non-kinetic approach, acknowledging the impact of security challenges on the economy of the South East and Nigeria as a whole. He emphasized the urgency of finding solutions and the importance of changing the narrative and reorienting the mindset of the people in the region.

“We want to start a conversation that helps change the perception and mindset in the South East. This cannot be achieved through guns and violence,” Kalu stated, underscoring the need for initiatives that foster a sense of belonging and inclusion.

The delegation included members representing various federal constituencies and stakeholders, expressing optimism that the Peace In South East Project could bring hope to the region through innovative approaches distinct from previous strategies.

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