“If You Want To Wrestle With The Pig, Be Ready To Get Dirty” – Tinubu Says As He Warns Media

Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the APC’s National Leader, has denied reports that he threatened to fight dirty if his presidential ambitions in 2023 were to be thwarted.

When Tinubu visited Olubadan-designate Senator Lekan Balogun on Sunday, he took a shot at the Vanguard newspaper, which he said misrepresented his statement.

In a statement released by his Media Aide, Mr Tunde Rahman, on Monday in Lagos, the former Governor of Lagos claimed that the headline in the Vanguard newspaper, “I’m ready to get dirty – Tinubu,” was taken out of context, claiming he vowed to fight dirty if his presidential ambition in 2023 was put on hold.

During the visit, Tinubu used the metaphor of grappling with the pig to describe some of the unwarranted accusations against him, adding, “If you chose to grapple with the pig, you must be prepared to get dirty.”

The statement clarified that the APC chieftain’s speech was taken out of context, alleging he pledged to fight dirty if his presidential ambitions in 2023 were to be thwarted.

“This caption and report are inaccurate and erroneous. Sadly, the wrong headline and story have been latched on by some online platforms/blogs and commentators to pour invective on my person.

“These commentaries and remarks are unfortunate because they are groundless, misinformed and misdirected. Hence, this clarification has become imperative,” he said.

Tinubu emphasized that he made no indication during his visit or speech that he would fight dirty for his presidential ambition.

He went on to say that his words were carefully chosen, and that the public did not believe the Vanguard newspaper’s interpretation.

“Kabiyesi, all I have come for is to implore you to continue to pray for me, the entire Yoruba race, and the country,” Tinubu stated, addressing the Olubadan designate.

“I am out to become the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and there is a wise saying that if you want to wrestle with the pig, be ready to get dirty and deal with the poo-poo.

“I am ready to get dirty. No intimidation, no blackmail, no sort of insult will get me angry to the extent that I will say no more, I don’t want again.”

He urged the media not to allow their means and platforms to be used in desperate smear attacks and calumny campaigns by politicians as the 2023 election approaches, and at all times.

According to Tinubu, the Fourth Estate of the Realm owes it to themselves and society to report truthfully and objectively without fear or favor.

“The duty of the media as the Fourth Estate of the Realm is a sacred one which must be guarded jealously,” he said.


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