If We Are To Use Normal Metrics For Organizing Presidential Debate, LP Will Not Even Be There – Sumner Sambo

In an interview with Arise News, Sumner Sambo, Politics Editor, Arise News, said that if they use the normal metric of organising presidential town hall or debate, Labour Party will not even be there.

Sumner made the statement while reacting to what Labour Party DG, Doyin Okupe said: “They will not be participating in any debate where other presidential candidates are not present.”

Sumner Sambo reacted that the Labour Party had taken a decision, but he could tell that the decision was not good for them. He explained that as a new political party, they should be open to any platform. He said even though he understands the Labour Party’s concern that where the presidential candidates of the legacy party are not available, they will not be there.

“If we are to use the metrics of organizing presidential town halls and debates based on elected representatives at the national assembly, you and I will know that Labour Party as a new political party will not even be given a seat on the table because they do not have elected representatives at the national assembly.”

“If we want to use the metrics, I prefer to go with the SDP or APGA, which already have elected representatives at the national assembly, because the Labour Party is yet to be tested. “

He then said that because of the temperature of the political climate and the editorial decisions taken to justify them. He said Labour Party should be thankful to media organizations like theirs.

Sumner Sambo finally said that if he is to advise the Labour Party as a political strategist, the best thing for Labour Party is to embrace all platforms because they need everyone, unlike the legacy party.


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