I Laugh Anytime I Hear That Tinubu Will Win The Presidential Election – Pedro Obaseki

The Presidential media consultant to the PDP Presidential Campaign Council, Dr Don Pedro Obaseki was at an interview on Arise Tv earlier today where he was asked a question on PDP’s of winning in Lagos and the Southeast, given that Lagos is a stronghold of APC and Peter Obi is becoming somewhat of a dominant force in the southeast region.

Don Pedro Obaseki was asked if these two factors will hand Tinubu and APC the advantage over PDP in the upcoming election and he responded by saying that the thoughts of Tinubu winning the 2023 election ‘makes him laugh’. In his own words as seen on Arise Tv…

“Anytime I hear that Tinubu will win the election, I just laugh. Tinubu’s win is the wind that is not on the card. I will prove it to you.

“You see when we are doing all this, I don’t want to seem to be lamenting the mental laziness of our Southern brothers. When I say mental laziness, for all of them, everybody in the North is an Hausa man, to them.

“In the Southeast, yes there are going to be diametrically different kinds of results, but not the one that the PDP will not get a statutory 25%. And there Tinubu will struggle. In the South West, we will get the required 25% in the requisite states where we need to. In the 19 states of the North, PDP has a crowd of people there.”



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