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Hunger Is A Big Deal: The Un Has Called For Sanction Removal On Russia For Export Of Fertilizers

Hunger is a big deal.

The UN has called for expediting the removal of restrictions on food and fertilizer exports from Russia.

“The UN calls on all actors to accelerate the removal of any remaining obstacles to the export and transportation of fertilizers to countries most in need.”

The Netherlands has already allowed the shipment to Africa of 20,000 tons of Russian fertilizers, which are stuck in the port of Rotterdam because of sanctions.

Russia warns UN that it will inspect dry cargo ships in the Black Sea

Russia’s permanent representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia, said that the attack on the Black Sea Fleet put an end to the humanitarian dimension of the “grain deal”. However, its implementation without Russian participation is unacceptable for Moscow.

For this reason, Russia will take its own measures for the inspection of dry cargoes passing through the Black Sea. He stressed that the agreements adopted without Russia “do not bind us to anything.

Nebenzia also said that Russia was surprised by the absence of condemnation by the UN of Kiev’s attack on the ships of the Black Sea Fleet. At the same time, Moscow “sees attempts to artificially force the inspection of cargoes within the framework of the grain deal.”


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