How Three Men Made 11 Days Journey From Nigeria To Spain Hiding Under Ship

According to reports from BBC NEWS PIDGIN, Spanish authorities have revealed that they found three men (stowaways) ontop of the rudder of one ship after it completed 11 day voyage from Nigeria. From a photo shown by the coastguard, three men were seen sitting on top of the rudder in an oil tanker helm, their feet was less than a metre away from the water.The men were later carried to the hospital at the destination of the tanker in Gan Canaria and treated for moderate dehydration.

As gathered, it’s not clear if the stowaways spent the entire journey perched on the rudder of the ship. The Maltese-flagged Althini II arrived Las Palmas, Gan Canaria from Lagos, Nigeria, a journey of more than 2700 nautical miles according to data collected by the maritime tracking websites. The Spanish news agency added that, the medical doctors saw the men in the docks and took them to the hospital immediately.However, this would not be the first time that stowaways (People hiding on board ship or train) have been found ontop rudders, a large blade under ships used to steer a ship course.

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