‘How My Earnings Changed After Psquare’s Hit Song “Story”‘ – Helen Paul

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Nigerian comedian Helen Paul has opened up about the transformative impact on her earnings after providing her voice for Psquare’s hit song “Story.” In an engaging interview on the Honest Bunch Podcast, Helen shared the unexpected journey that unfolded, taking her from the role of a receptionist to becoming a highly sought-after voice talent in the entertainment industry.

During the interview, Helen revealed that her association with Psquare came about when the intended children for the voiceover in the song failed to show up at the studio. At that time, she didn’t know much about Psquare and was working as a receptionist. However, her talent for imitating voices and her ability to cover a range of children’s voices caught the attention of the recording team.

Helen humorously recalled, “At the beginning, I didn’t know Psquare. I didn’t even know they were going to blow. They came to the studio, and they wanted to record their songs. I think they were expecting some children to come and got disappointed. So, Ayoadeife said, ‘We have somebody who can do this voice, and this person can do all the range children.'”

She elaborated on her initial unawareness of the impact of the song, stating, “When the song started reigning, I didn’t even know what it was to put your name on a song; I didn’t fight for it.”

The comedian further revealed that her voice talent didn’t stop at Psquare’s “Story.” She recounted another opportunity that came her way for a milk product advertisement when the intended child actor was unavailable. Her distinctive voice and ability to meet the urgent timeline impressed the team, leading to a significant increase in her monthly income.

“The next job I did was for another milk product. I was at the reception when they brought this job, and they told me the child that was to do it was having exams. They said they would not be able to take that in the office because the advert needed to air at 3 p.m. and it was 12 p.m., so they were looking for a baby voice.”

Helen Paul emphasized that she didn’t fully understand the details at the time but signed the necessary documents. This unexpected turn of events led to a remarkable shift in her financial status, with her monthly income rising from N9,500 to a substantial N400,000.

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