How Malami Used Fake Police To Raid Justice Odili’s Home [PHOTOS]

The Nigerian Police Force has revealed how the minister of defense and Attorney-General of the federation, Abubakar Malami used fake Police to raid Justice Odili’s home a few weeks ago.

Recall that, few weeks ago, BestNew Team reported Justice Odili Mary, a supreme court judge, home was raided illegally by Police officers, Army, DSS, and others over alleged money laundering charges during late hours.

The incident was later revealed to have been orchestrated by the minister of Justice, Malami after Justice Emmanuel Iyan, the Chief Magistrate of Wuse Abuja, who signed the warrant stated that he was forced by him.

However, earlier today, Frank Uba, the spokesman for the Nigerian Police Force, revealed how Malami used fake Police to raid Justice Odili’s home.

Frank revealed that 14 criminal suspects including members of the Police, were arrested, and during the investigation, they were all recruited to play different roles such as journalism, Banking, law enforcement, and law.

Though at first, when the issues happened Abubakar Malami denied having any involvement with the case.
The Senior Advocate of Nigeria Association summoned Malami to a meeting to clear his name, but unfortunately, the outcome of the meeting was not disclosed.

Arrested Culprits

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