How IPOB members are making Nnamdi Kanu’s treason case worse – Uche Mefor

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Uche Mefor, estranged Deputy-Leader of the outlawed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has lambasted members of the group for ‘compounding and making the case of their detained leader, Nnamdi Kanu worse as a result of their criminality in Igboland’.

POLITICS NIGERIA reports that according to Mefor in a recent Facebook post via his known page, unless IPOB members make amends, repent and sincerely apologise for their “abomination”, the pro-Biafra group will end up in disgrace.

He strongly condemned IPOB for not respecting human rights, while repeatedly accusing members of the group of “criminality”.

Read Mefor’s post below:

Biafra can only be restored on human rights compliant ethos and not on criminality. You cannot restore Biafra by killing Igbo people. You will deny this but we have you record inciting violence and the horror ravaging our land as we speak.

You are calling out the Nigerian state and murderous agents on the atrocities they commit. Oh yes ,we condemn such actions but the question for you and your gangs is: whose actions and criminality invited the Nigerian security forces to embark on this level of carnage?

You and your gangs turned your stolen weapons against the innocent Biafrans and other criminals joined you and cannibalism is today the order of the day in Igbo part of Biafraland. You joined the Nigerian forces to be killing our people and today you feign ignorant?

You and IPOB faction under Nnamdi Kanu detested democracy and human rights but today, you are calling on human rights organisations to investigate the crimes you are involved in and to a large extent the architect of?

You and IPOB faction under Nnamdi Kanu (IPONK) lied to your teeth against innocent people, blackmail them and those people in pains prayed against you. Today, are you all not in tatters. My decision to exit from IPOB under Nnamdi Kanu has brought you where you are today. I am and I was your shield checking certain excesses that came to my knowledge and attention and hoping, expecting and demanding a change of course and improvement from the bumbling, not-fit-purpose DOS and your leader but to no avail!

I remind you all where your trouble started and emphatically restate that you all will disintegrate into useless criminal gangs that you may know that there is a supreme being in control of the universe and in charge of affairs of men, and importantly that treachery doesn’t pay.

You all compounded and made the case of your leader even worse by your criminality in Igboland. If you’re brave to issue threats of violence against the people and those threats are actually carried out, you must also be courageous enough to take responsibility.

Unless you make amends, repent and sincerely apologise to all those you wronged and confess to the ABOMINATION you all initiated and committed in Igboland (and which you all were warned against), your troubles will continue to multiply and the final stage would be a global disgrace for you all.

Ignore all these to your consternation! Anything outside human rights compliant Biafra is criminality!

The article was originally published on Politics Nigeria.

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