How Abba Kyari Negotiated The Release Of 25kg Of Cocaine

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The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has established that Abba Kyari, the suspended Head of Police Intelligence Response Team, is a member of a known drug cartel that runs the illicit drug pipeline between Brazil and Ethiopia and Nigeria.

On Monday, February 14, 2022, the agency announced this at a news conference in Abuja.

Abba Kyari attempted to negotiate the release of 25 kilograms of cocaine seized from a suspect in Enugu State, according to the agency’s Public Relations Officer, Femi Babafemi.

The ordeal began in January 2022, when Kyari called the officer in charge of the case, according to Babafemi. They met in a secluded location, and the suspended police officer discussed returning 15 kilograms of the 25 kilograms of cocaine.

The remaining 10kg will be used to prosecute the arrested suspects before being freed.

The NDLEA officer told his boss, and he was given permission to join Abba Kyari on stage.

Abba Kyari suggested he take 10kg of the drug, while the NDLEA officer suggested 5kg, according to the report.

At N7 million per kilogram, the earnings from the 5 kilograms would amount to N35 million at the black market pricing of N570 per dollar on January 24, 2022. He would be delivering $61,400 to the NDLEA team in effect.

They ultimately met in Abuja after days of negotiations when the deal was completed. The cash was delivered to the NDLEA officer in his car, which had been fitted with a hidden camera and voice recorder.

Abba Kyari was summoned for questioning at the NDLEA station in Abuja after the deal was completed, but he failed to show up at the end of business hours on Friday, February 11, 2022. After he declined to show up for interrogation, the agency proclaimed him wanted.

Remember that Kyari was banned from duty in 2021 when Abbas Ramoni, also known as Hushpuppi, accused him of bribery.

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