How 2 States In Nigeria Speaks Same Dialects

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Ekiti and Bayelsa, are two states in Nigeria, that have distinct in that they are populated by residents who speak the same dialects in both states. While the people of Ekiti State speak the same dialect as the people of Bayelsa, the people of Bayelsa speak the same Ijaw dialect.

This is unique since the many dialects spoken in other states across the country are heterogeneous because the citizens of each state speak distinct dialects. In fact, persons from other communities in the same state may not understand the dialects spoken in some communities.

According to Wikipedia, Ekiti State became dialectally homogeneous upon its separation from Ondo State on October 1, 1996. The state was created from Ondo State and began with 16 local governments. The entire population of the state speaks the Ekiti dialect.

Ado-Ekiti, Ikere, Oye, Gbonyin, Efon, Moba, Ekiti East, Ekiti South-West, Ekiti West, Emure, Ido-Osi, Ijero, Ikole, Ilejemeje, Irepodun/Ifelodun, and Ise/Orun are the 16 local government areas constituted from Ekiti State.

Map of Ekiti State with the 16 local government areas

The 16 local government areas of Ekiti State are depicted on a map.

The entire Ondo State was diverse in dialect when it was carved out of old Ondo State, as it spoke Ondo dialect, Owo dialect, Akoko dialect, and Ekiti dialect, among others.

However, since the state of Ekiti was created from the former state of Ondo, the state has become homogeneous, with all inhabitants speaking the same Ekiti dialect with no difference across the state.

In the case of Bayelsa, the entire population speaks the same Ijaw dialect because the state was created from Rivers State in 1996, and the dialect became uniform. It is bordered on the east by Rivers State and on the west by Delta State.

Since its inception, the state has had eight local governments. Brass, Ekeremor, Kolokuma/Opokuma, Nembe, Ogbia, Sagbama, Southern Ijaw, and Yenagoa are the names of the local governments, and the inhabitants of all of them speak the same dialect, Ijaw. They’re all from the Ijaw tribe.

Map of Bayelsa State with the eight local government areas

The eight local government areas of Bayelsa State are depicted on this map.

After being separated from Rivers State, the people of Bayelsa State developed a common dialect. The entire Rivers State was heterogeneous in dialects before Bayelsa was carved up, with several communities speaking different dialects and some communities not even understanding the dialect of the other communities.

Ikwerre, Igbo, Kalabari, Ijaw, Gokana, Eleme, and Khana were among the dialects spoken in Rivers State prior to the carving out, and with the carving out of Bayelsa from Rivers, the entire state became homogeneous with the speaking of the same Ijaw dialect.

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Source of information: Wikipedia

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