‘Hijab Has Nothing To Do With Islam And Latin Has Nothing Do With Catholic’ – Fr Kelvin Ugwu

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Rev father Kelvin Ugwu, a Nigerian Catholic priest serving in Gambia as a missionary has made a powerful revelation in his verified facebook page.

In his post, he revealed how people regards Arabic language as Islam and Latin as Catholicism. He also disclosed how the power of religion has impacted many culture in the world.

In his post;

“The power that religion has

“Today, when you see anything written in Arabic or hear anyone speaking the Arabic language, the first thing that comes to people’s minds is Islam.

“When people see anything written in Latin or hear anyone speaking Latin, the first thing that comes to mind is the Catholic Church.

“When people see anyone wearing a hijab or jellabiya, the first thing that comes to mind is Muslim.

“Yet, some people write or speak the Arabic language, and it has nothing to do with Islam. In fact, there was Arabic before Islam and not the other way round.

“There are literature and books in Latin that have nothing to do with the Catholic Church.

“Even the hijab as we know it today is not a Muslim thing per se. In fact, NOWHERE in the Quran does the term Hijab even refer to what we know today as a scarf for covering the head down to the shoulder.

“The jellabiya is more of a traditional Egyptian dress. How it became a Muslim dress is one of the reasons I am writing this.

“The power of religion is such that it can take up a certain culture or language and it will begin to look like you can’t separate the culture or language from the faith (the particular religious belief.)

“The greatest progress all religions will make is to be able to separate the belief (faith) from the culture or language it was planted in. To say the truth, the only religion making progress in this regard is Christianity. Others still carry the faith (belief) along with the culture and language of the place it was first planted.

“This is why to be a Muslim for most people in Africa, is to do everything in the way the Arabs do them including speaking their language.”

📷 Fr. Kelvin Ugwu with his students

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