He Is Not Alone, See Putin Close Friend Who Could Support Him If WWIII Break Out

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Several countries have condemned Vladimir Putin for his ruthless invasion of Ukraine, which resulted in thousands of fatalities. As a result, the countries have attempted to stop Russia, but their efforts appear to be futile; indeed, even UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has sought to persuade Russia to halt the invasion and give peace a chance, but to no avail.

As a result, several countries have resorted to sanctioning Russia to destabilize its economy. In truth, European countries have blocked the assets of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

Despite this, Putin is not acting alone. Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s supreme leader, is believed to be a tremendously powerful man, particularly in terms of military weapons. Kim is a supporter of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, blaming the United States for being the origin of the invasion. North Korea has said that, in general.

Pyongyang’s response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which has seen Pyongyang inevitably embrace its erstwhile Cold War ally, has been increasingly vocal over time, even if outright commentary from state media on the subject has been rare.

When the North uses rhetoric along these lines – most notably, accusing the US of being the “main cause” of the Ukrainian problem – it appears that the Kim dictatorship is following in the footsteps of North Korea’s foreign policy playbook.

North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, has promised to increase his nuclear weapons and military capabilities, and the country has made progress despite economic restrictions.

North Korea fired a number of missiles in 2017, exhibiting what appeared to be tremendous advancements in military technology.

The Hwasong-12 was expected to have a range of up to 4,500 kilometers (2,800 miles), putting US military sites on the Pacific island of Guam, as well as the US mainland, within striking distance.

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