Gov Uzodimma Apologises To Octogenarian Sacked ‘Unjustly’ 30 Years Ago

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Hope Uzodimma, governor of Imo, has apologised to Eunan Placid Amaeshi for being treated “unjustly” by the state government.

Amaeshi, an 80-year-old indigene of Amaimo Ikeduru LGA of Imo, was in 1991 appointed as the administration manager of Avutu poultry company owned by the state government.

However, in December 1992, he was given a letter of indefinite suspension with no explanation.

Amaeshi, in a letter addressed to Uzodimma dated November 7, asked the governor to look into his matter in a bid to prove his innocence.

“I write to bring to your kind attention the INJUSTICE clamped on me and executed by the operators of the Imo State Government since 1992-about 30 long years now. I pray you will be moved by my story to assist me, Sir, I am innocent,” the letter reads.

In a letter of commendation and apology, Uzodimma described Ameashi as a man of honour.

“I write to acknowledge the receipt of your letter dated 7th November, 2022, which conveyed your plea for justice, in a matter dated back to 1992, thirty (30) years ago,” Uzodinma wrote.

“I must COMMEND you for this act of maturity, maintaining peace and also for keeping faith with the Government of Imo State.

“It is on this note, that I tender the unreserved APOLOGIES of the Government of Imo State, for the injustice and lack of fair hearing meted out to you for three (3) decades now.

“Posterity will remember you for maintaining peace, yet keeping faith and believing in the Government of lmo State under my watch, for justice.

“Indeed, you are a man of honour. Kindly accept once more, the warmest regards of the Government and the good People of lmo State”.

The governor said Amaeshi was never queried over the matter for which he was suspended and that he was never charged with any crime.

Amaeshi was quoted as saying that his problems started after he became a contender for the role of managing director of Adapalm Plantation, Ohaji.

“He suffered for 30 years. He petitioned, wrote, begged, pleaded with officials and previous governors of Imo state but to no avail. He was not even asking for financial settlement, all he wanted was the restoration of his innocence,” Uzodimma said.

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