Female Kidnapper Who Forces Victims To Sleep With Her Before Killing Them Apprehended

In a shocking incident that has left the community in Calabar in disbelief, a female kidnapper and her accomplices attempted to abduct a victim using charms. The victim screamed for help, and an army man who was nearby intervened and chased the criminals until they were caught. The suspects were stripped naked and paraded around the community, causing outrage among the locals.

Eyewitnesses at the scene of the incident, which occurred two days ago, reported that the criminals were caught after the victim screamed for help when the kidnappers attempted to adopt her and turned everything she was holding into paper. The incident took place along Effio-Ete junction and towards Parliamentary in Calabar, the Cross River State Capital.

The young man who was the victim of the attempted kidnapping was shouting for help when the criminals tried to stab him and push him out of the car. Fortunately, the army man who was nearby came out immediately to help him. He ordered a nearby taxi driver to bring out all the passengers and chased the criminals until they were caught after causing a serious hold up on the road.

While the suspects were apprehended, the only female suspect, said to be the gang leader, managed to escape but was later apprehended by an angry mob who gave her a hot chase. The female kidnapper is known to be a notorious criminal who does not spare her victims, especially if they fail to pay the ransom demanded from them.

After they were caught, the suspects were paraded naked around the community, causing outrage and shock among the locals. The female suspect eventually confessed to the crime, admitting that they were a group of kidnappers who had been terrorizing the community for a long time but had finally run out of luck and been apprehended.

The female kidnapper went on to reveal that she used charms to aid her criminal activities, and forced her male victims to sleep with her every night before killing them, especially those who could not pay the required ransom. The suspects were stripped naked and given the beatings of their life before they were burnt to death by the angry mob.


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