Fans Express Concern After Tonto Dikeh’s ‘Dangerous Thoughts’ About God

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Nollywood Actress Tonto Dikeh Gets New Appointment

Some fans of Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh have expressed concern over her dangerous thoughts towards God’s existence.

Naija News earlier reported that the actress and mother of one recently lost a loved one, plunging her into a state of devastation. In a post shared on Instagram, Tonto Dikeh advised how it is okay to lose trust and love for God and stop believing humans are created in His image or likeness but with the power of choice. She wrote: “It is ok to lose your trust and love for God! it is ok to question God!! It is ok to stop believing you know why cause God never created us in his image, not likeness. At least not literally, the only one who is allowed to give up is the God himself. He created us with the power of choice.. Whatever rocks your boat do it, I have seen more unbelievers enjoy earth more than my Christian brethren.. What’s the guarantee that heaven is real? (woke up with some dangerous thoughts). I guess at the end of the day. WE ALL GET TO THIS POINT, BUT WHAT I KNOW ISN’T OK IS STAYING HERE FOR TOO LONG!! ITS CALLED A PERSONAL RACE and Not PERFECTION.” Fans have stormed the actress’s comment section with  words of encouragement and advise. One agunwamii wrote: “I hope you find peace. Imagine your son saying it’s okay not to love or trust mom because I was born with a choice. Imagine your son hating you because you protected him from his ignorance, imagine your son hating you because of something way deeper / bigger than his knowledge. Romans 8:28: And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Do not entertain the thoughts of the devil, he enjoys to see those that love God perish. I hope you find peace. And don’t ever doubt Gods love for you. Even after this post He still loves you.” One poshestmo_ wrote: “Yes mama and it isn’t wrong to question these things, cause in the end life’s a personal journey and experience.” One zobicsfashionhouse wrote; ”I remember feeling that God has given too much than I can handle. I was angry and devastated. It was a very dark period of my life. Your light will shine again Tontolet” One nnessence wrote; ”People should allow her to process…God doesn’t need anyone to defend him…He’s God all by himself…God knows her best so he knows how he will reach her…for now show her love as a Christian should” One iam_abiolaa wrote; “I pray you feel the touch of God again, I pray you experience him again so strongly beyond every shadows of doubt. Our God may be an unseen God but he is here, there and everywhere. The evidence of his existence is in his creation. Faith doesn’t make it all easy, it makes it Possible. He is right beside you when you pass through the fire and the waters. He is the reason you aren’t burnt down nor engulfed. I pray we all find this peace and joy that surpasses all human understanding. I love you.”

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