Dele Momodu and FFK

Fani-Kayode Writes An Open Letter To Dele Momodu, Says He Cannot Fathom How He Ended Up With PDP

Femi Fani-Kayode took to his Facebook page to write an open letter to Dele Momodu concerning the campaign procedure for the forthcoming 2023 presidential election. Fani-Kayode, cannot fathom how Dele Momodu ended up with the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

In the letter, Fani-Kayode states that he has immense respect for Dele Momodu, and he always will do. According to him, the PDP does not deserve Dele Momodu, as they will not reward him for his immense efforts to launder their filthy image and restore their dwindling fortunes.

He revealed that even though they are on opposing sides, he avoided joining issues with Dele Momodu because he likes and respects him. Femi Fani-Kayode is the Media Director of the Tinubu/Shettima Presidential Campaign Council, while Dele Momodu is one of the spokespersons of the PDP.

Fani-Kayode patronized Dele Momodu in the letter, he said that he is a publisher of high repute, who has a lot of amazing talents and good character, as he fought and stood with the late Chief MKO Abiola till the bitter end.

Fani-Kayode also revealed that Dele Momodu played a critical role in settling issues between him and his second wife where everyone else failed, h also settle issues between him and a leading and highly respected Lagos-based Pastor who was a presidential aspirant in the APC when they had misunderstood that almost went public. See the post in the screenshots below.

(Visit Fani-Kayode’s Facebook page to read the whole post, as it is lengthy).


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