Ezeife Should Know That “Anyone Who Begs To Be Crown A King Will Equally Beg To Remain A King”

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Tell Ezeife that real igbos cannot kneel or beg for ordinary 2023 presidency

An Igbo man does not kneel down for anybody except to his chi ( personal God); just for the sake of honor and never to worship his chi except the God Almighty.

In Igbo cosmology, a “chi” remains the mediator and God maintains this hierarchy perfectly in such a way to make it easier for man to reach out to Him.

I don’t know about those adopted Igbos (my mama say I be Igbo) but the real Igbos can never ever kneel down to beg his fellow man to become a president because he knows that: “Ezesinachi” Kingship comes from God, and he believes in the philosophy of “Chinaemeze”.

God made man, but man made god. Original Igbo man never kneel to worship man except God the maker of heaven and earth.

Elder EZEIFE should have known before now that “anyone who begs to be crown a king will equally beg to remain a king.”

An Igbo man does not kneel down to worship any body except God.

Chinaeme Eze: A true blooded Igbo man does not beg his fellow man to crown him a king or to make him the president because it is only God can make a slave to become a king.

Ana azo Eze azo? A real Igbo man does not fight for kingship, neither does he beg or kneel for anybody to make him a king because he knows that when God says Yes, no man, no culture, no group, no religion, no political party can say No.

As a titled man, Ogbuefi EZEIFE should know that it is a taboo to beg or kneel for your fellow mortal man and it is a sacrilege to put your trust in men who always lie, fail and disappoint.

A real biological Igbo man knows that when you kneel before God almighty, you will always stand great before those men who thinks that power belongs to them.

In God we trust!

Written By: Aniakor Ikenna

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