Easterners Should Forget The Euphoria They’re Seeing About Obidient And Join Who Can Deliver – Garba

In an interview with Arise News, Adamu Garba , Former Presidential Aspirant, and member of All Progressive Congress, said the easterners should forget the euphoria they see seeing about Obidient and join who can deliver.

Adamu Garba made the statement when Sumner Sambo asked him whether APC is not contributing to the reason why some people argue that the southeast is almost being neglected given the fact that some major infrastructure projects like railway projects APC is doing in other part.

Adamu Garba began by saying that the southeast is doing bad politics. He said politics is participation and in participation, nobody will come and drag anybody to participate. the person has to come to present himself and be on the table.

He explained that on the issue of why shouldn’t APC government projects across the country include the east. He said that it is not about the right without responsibility. Since the easterners took their right to go negative and fail, they should take responsibility.

The only solution for the east now, this is the right time to right the wrong. They should join APC in drops, forget about this euphoria that you are seeing about the Obidient, join someone that has the capacity and track record of delivering the right outcome.


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