Do Not Be Deceived: Using Phone At A Petrol Station Cannot Trigger An Explosion, See Reasons

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There is this misconception that using a cell phone at a petrol station can lead to an explosion. Many people believe that using a mobile phone at a petrol station or near fuel can trigger an explosion.

A mobile phone is described as a wireless device that allows users to communicate with one another.

The earliest generation of mobile phones could only receive and make calls, but today, we have mobile phones that carry a lot of features that make life easier, not just making calls.

Today’s mobile phones accommodate alot of other features such as Cameras, Games, Web browsers, Video player and many others. According to the source, there are a number of smartphones today carrying different designs and features.

The Various Components of Mobile Phones

The major components of mobile phones are a speaker, a keyboard, an antenna, a microphone, a speaker, a circuit board that contains the brain of the phone, and a battery.

A petrol station, also known as a filling station, is a place where people go to buy petrol and other petroleum products.

The main purpose of a filling station is to help users refill their cars with the right lubricants and fuel.

The widespread belief that mobile phones at petrol stations could result in explosions is mostly spread by petrol stations.

They believed that because petrol is a highly flammable substance, microwaves, which come from mobile phones, could produce a spark that ignites petrol fumes, resulting in an explosion.

Some gas stations post signs near the pump area warning customers to keep their phones away from the area. But how true can this claim be?

That is always the question. Can a phone really cause an explosion when placed near fuel or fuel stations? A Nigerian professor once debunked the claim that this often happens.

According to Punch newspaper, a professor of engineering once debunked the viral claim that using mobile phones at petrol stations could trigger treasury explosions.

He stated that it is unlikely that an explosion will occur when a phone is used at filing stations. An explosion will never occur unless there is some sort of contraction between fuel and fire.

He added that manufacturers have specifications for the various phones they produce. Mobile phones cannot generate the amount of power that could lead to an explosion.

Mobile phones, according to the description, are said to be low-power radio frequency transmitters. They move radio signals between 450 mhz and 2700 mhz. At this frequency, science believes it lacks the ability to cause explosions.

In a petrol station, there is something that really causes explosions that many people have failed to talk about, and it is called static electricity.

It is the continuous increase of an electric charge when rubbing two objects together. Even the human body generates static energy.

The electric charge will continue to remain on this object until it discharges. Static energy in filling stations occurs in different ways, such as moving in and out of a car.

There is news that the effect of static energy has caused explosions in filling stations, and this news is not common with mobile phones.

There is no evidence, if at all, that mobile phones have caused explosions. Even with this, using them at petrol stations is not permitted as it could be a source of distraction.

This distraction could make people walk carelessly without observing, which may result in being run over by a car or other forms of casualties.

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