Discovered: See What One minute of passionate kissing causes in human body

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The human body is susceptible when it comes to emotional and romantic actions.

An example of these actions that trigger the human body is kissing. Kissing is often regarded as one of the ways to show love and affection to one’s partners, as it comes with a lot of action and reaction; it triggers some hormones in the body of both s*xes, increases heartbeat, and others.

Kissing stimulates the brain to release certain chemicals called oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin; these chemicals are often regarded as “Feel Good” chemicals.

They build up affection, bonding, relaxation, euphoria, and lower cortisol in the body. Though kissing is commonly carried out for s*xual purposes, it serves more function in the body when done passionately. 

As funny as it sounds, another function of passionate kissing is that it burns between 5 and 26 calories.

These are the actions that add burns calories during passionate kissing.

• Hands

Passionate kissing involves using the whole body; to perform rhythmic actions with hands and legs, which may add to dancing.

These actions are a form of exercise that burns down fat calories in the human body.

• Smooching

During passionate kissing, active smooching is bound to occur, which involves the rhythmic movement of the body for a while and it may include moving from one place to another.

It burns more fat calories than the standard type of kissing.

Source: Healthline

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