Chaos Breaks Out Ebonyi after truck kills Three

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According to a news update from the PUNCH NEWSPAPER, chaos breaks out after truck kills three in Ebonyi state.

The residents stated that the incident happened earlier today, at Afikpo Expressway, situated in Afikpo Local Government, when an unknown truck rammed into the streets and killed three youths.

Recall that the frequent report of car and automobile accidents has been periodic around the area; this has led to the untimely death of many and frustrated the youths in the arena.

From the report, “chaos breaks out after truck kills three in Ebonyi” happened due to the carelessness of the truck driver, who went astray off the road and rammed into a motorcycle, which led to the death of the driver and two other passengers.”

When the state governor was contacted, he promised to provide help immediately.
He further stated that the development was unfortunate, three youth were killed, and their corpses were dumped into a bush nearby the site of the accident.

When correspondents interviewed the youth leader, he stated that ” in the interest of everyone, I will advise all road user (Cyclist, motor, and pedestrian) to turn back and pass through a different route, we are mourning our gone youths, how could a truck driver dump their corpses after killing them untimely.

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