Can’t You See They Have Kept Your Mind In Chain, You Now Defend Your Oppressors – Oseni Rufai

Ahead of the next year’s presidential election, a well known Nigerian journalist and a host on Arise Television, Oseni Rufai, has taken out his time to drag some Nigerians who go about defending and supporting some of these greedy politicians, all because of small amount of money or favour they get from them.

According to a tweet he made on his twitter handle, Oseni Rufai asked to know whether such individuals are unable to see that these politicians have kept their mind in chain, yet they continue to defend their oppressors, all because of the crumbs that drop off from table of their commonwealth.

On numerous occasions, Oseni Rufai had warned Nigerians against voting for these corrupt and bad politicians, which is the major reason why supporters of some politicians have continuously attacked him on social media and outside social media.

As we head towards the next year’s general elections, Nigerians must desist from defending all these greedy politicians who have continuously held our country backward. The earlier Nigerians do the needful, the better for us all.

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