Buhari Breaks Silence On The Death Of Onyeama

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President Muhammadu Buhari has expressed his heartfelt condolences to the family of Dillibe Onyeama, the first black person to graduate from Eton College in London, who died recently at the age of 71.

Buhari joins them, the Nigerian literary community, as well as the government and people of Enugu State, in mourning Onyeama’s legacy of courage, which he expressed powerfully in his published memoirs and novels, including Nigger at Eton, which reflects the ills of racial injustice in society.

This was revealed in a statement by Femi Adesina, Buhari’s Special Adviser on Media and Publicity.

The President recognizes the journalist and creative writer’s lifelong commitment to inspiring a new generation of writers eager to shine a positive light on the rich cultures and heritage of people of African descent, as well as the many invaluable contributions they make around the world.

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