Bobrisky Gets Busted After Bragging About Buying iPhone 13

Popular Nigerian Crossdresser Bobrisky gets busted after bragging about buying iPhone 13 on Instagram.

A few days ago, the male barbie was under fire from Netizens. After an Instagram blogger revealed dirty secrets about him, the blogger stated that the self-acclaimed Naija hottest girl was as broke as a church rat. All she does is dupe people, brands, and other business holders out of their money. The anonymous blogger also stated that the barbie was also in large debt from different people; all he does on Instagram is a show-off.

Again, Bobrisky got busted after bragging about buying iPhone 13 on Instagram, claiming to be the richest runs girl in Nigeria to purchase the newly released model of iPhone.

The newly released iPhone 13 model was released less than one month ago; only few people and celebrities have purchased the iPhone, which Bobrisky claims she is part of the few people.

Bobrisky got busted by a random guy named Tosin on Instagram, stating that when Bob got his iPhone 12, he recorded video of unboxing, charging, and all. Still, when she bought her self-claimed, we only saw the camera and wallpaper.

Unfortunately for Bobrisky, the guy bought an iPhone 13 model and started that Bobrisky has been lying On Instagram, revealing that iPhone 13 model does not have the wallpaper Bob posted on Instagram; the wallpaper she posted was only on iPhone 12.

The guy then concluded that Bobrisky was nothing but fake, the biggest girl in Nigeria, but yet still broke.


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